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About The Texan

If you're a rock music fan in the Double C, you've probably spent an hour or two at the Texan. No doubt, that was a nighttime pop in ... by day The Texan is a sleepy neighborhood watering hole that caters to a regular cast of characters straight off the third shift.

But come the last of the fading afternoon rays, The Texan's Internet jukebox segues from Johnny Cash standards to Slayer, Agnostic Front and Captain Beefheart and the place starts to come alive with no shortage of livewire nightsiders looking for a stool to haunt.

The Texan Bar is one of the most coziest watering holes you'll ever want to set foot in round these parts. And as any Texan regular can tell you, the bar is about as old as rock 'n' roll itself.

Mahoney's father, J.T., opened the business as a grocery store in 1951 along with partner Crit Sciantarelli: the latter moved on to start Angelo's Pizza a few years later and was a regular lunch spot for several generations of Ray High School students before closing its doors about five years ago.

For starters, the tavern is one of a handful that caters to the overnight workforce. That means third shifters start getting loose at The Texan about the same time daysiders punch in.

Owner Mike Mahoney's been in charge since Reagan was in charge so he's got a story and a half to tell.

Like the time the Australian duo Bug Girl played his place. Or the night Right Turn Clyde frontman Noah Drumwright got his nursing license and the place was packed beyond tight. Hundreds of local combos -- punks, metalheads, folkies, hippie country renegades and so on -- have logged a nite or a couple dozen at the venerable midtown joint. And the touring bands kinda fall for the place too.

There's also The Texan itself. Mahoney says the shuffleboard table came from Sladek's Tavern, which used to be located at Port and Baldwin in the days before Amped Up! was ... well ... amped. Mahoney also notes that the bar top was likely built in the '40s and was originally in the Officer's Club at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi.

And then there's all that great building exterior artwork. Mahoney says Tony Garner with Faded Love Graphics deserves his due for all of those tasty paintings. And yes, the cowgirl is inspired by The Byrds' "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" album cover so a Roger McGuinn set on said Internet jukebox is entirely appropriate.

So the next time you've got some time on your hands here in the Double C, hustle on down and sit a spell with Mike, Susan and the crew. After all, there's always a good time with your name on it at The Texan.